Vision & Strategy

Nexans will become the first electrification pure player. We will be the operational link from the production of energy to transmission to distribution to ultimate usage of energy.


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Christopher Guerin

Nexans is a major global player in the energy transition for a sustainable electrification of the world.

Christopher Guérin


Our purpose

Electrification is in Nexans DNA and has been for the last 120 years. Nexans has never stopped building the future of electricity and will continue for the years to come. Nexans is a key driver for the world’s transition to a more connected and sustainable energy future.
The €7 trillion to be invested in electrification worldwide by 2030 is a huge opportunity.

The power grid: at the heart of the energy transition - Christopher Guérin on CNBC

Our businesses

Nexans provides end-to-end advanced cables and solutions to its clients alongside the electrification chain; from generation, to transmission, to distribution, to usages of energy.
Nexans is the only fully integrated player covering the entire electrification value chain: from copper wires manufacturing in metallurgy assets up to recycling.

Simplify our business

Stripping out the complexity at Nexans was the first step to clearing simpler pathways to profit thanks to a combination of market focus, scale effect and a specialist customer intimacy with its global client reach.
Nexans was historically a €6 billion generalist covering 8 macro sectors and 34 subsectors offering mainly components. But, staying a generalist would be a risk as customer demand is migrating to solutions, requiring a deeper understanding of this ecosystem.
The Group will divest non-electrification businesses (Industry & Solutions and Telecom & Data) to free up management time and resources to grow in electrification markets.

Amplify and accelerate growth on electrification segments


Pursue transformation programs in all segments


Disciplined deals and bolt-on acquisitions


Investment in Generation & Transmission business, doubling capacities in Halden plant in Norway


SHIFT Prime program focused on customer and innovation


Innovations and partnership programs thanks to its global R&D capabilities, partner ecosystem and digital solutions

Strategy in Action

Progress has momentum at Nexans. We have already acquired two businesses and divested our telecoms part of the business.
The Centelsa acquisition is fully aligned with the Group’s strategic ambition to become a Pure Electrification Player and it enhances Nexans commitment to electrify the world. Centelsa is a world class South American operation further contributes to Nexans ability to serve renewable projects in the Andean Region and enhances the group capacity in our Building and Energy Distribution activity.
With a deep commitment to energy transition and carbon neutrality, Reka Cables is aligned with the Group’s strategic ambition to become a Pure Electrification Player committed to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030. This premium Finnish operation will further contribute to Nexans’ ability to serve our Nordic customers with high quality and safe cables in the region.
We have been reducing the number of sub-sectors where we operate, divesting in areas irrelevant to electrification, and acquiring in areas where it needs help. Part of this is our telecoms business. We are pleased that our Telecom Systems colleagues will join a strategic new home with Syntagma Capital to further invest and grow the business. This powerful combination will deliver meaningful opportunities to employees and customers.

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