Nexans Aurora Cable Laying Vessel

A custom-made cable installation vessel

Nexans Aurora plays a vital role in Nexans’ supply of advanced subsea high voltage systems to support the electrification of the world. It provides vital connections between countries and regions, offshore renewable solutions as well as electrification solutions for other offshore installations.

Nexans Aurora presentation

State of the art

The vessel is specialized in transport and installation of subsea high voltage cable systems and a variety of subsea construction tasks. Nexans Aurora is equipped with purpose-designed equipment for cable and umbilical transport and laying, including bundle laying, protection and jointing.
The Nexans Aurora is a state of the art and bespoke cable installation vessel for worldwide operations in severe weather conditions. It’s high manoeuvrability and station keeping capacity ensures a safe and efficient transport and installation of large volumes of cable (both HVDC and HVAC systems), as well as general subsea construction tasks.
Nexans Vincent-Dessale

Nexans Aurora is the world largest cable vessel, that can install energy cables at 3000m depth, against 1200m now. It took 4 years to build this vessel that represents the future of the transmission of energy, the decisive tool to accelerate the continental interconnection and respect the ocean biodiversity.

Vincent Dessale


Delivering the most advanced projects

It’s first project is an interconnector project in Greece, which will provide a link between mainland Greece and the island of Crete in depths of up to 1600m.
The first project in the offshore wind segment will be the Seagreen wind farm in Scotland, UK, with more projects in the pipeline over the next two years.



31 M




14 KTS


149.9 M


CLV Nexans Aurora Sea trials 2021

Electrification is at the heart of what we do. From energy generation and transition to distribution and usage, Nexans’ solutions cover the full electrification value chain to connect the world’s renewable energy sources and ensure electricity can be delivered to all corners of the world securely, reliably, and efficiently.
Nexans Aurora lays cables that connect electricity across borders and continents. Laying these energy highways is a crucial step on the global path to a carbon-free economy and creating a greener future.