Digital: Nexans ULTRACKER™️

Being a pure player in electricity means we must anticipate the needs of society and provide unparalleled solutions through the digitization of electrical infrastructure.

At Nexans, we believe in the strength of diverse ecosystems. With new digital services, data tools, and the integration of recycled materials, Nexans brings together diverse minds to develop innovations for safer, more sustainable and decarbonized electricity.

Big Data & AI with Christophe Maury

The management of its reel fleet as a major challenge for Enedis, France’s electricity distribution system operator. By using Nexans’ ULTRACKER solution, Enedis can optimize each stage of the reel's life cycle. Enedis estimates the potential annual rental saving to be €1.6 million.


France’s electricity distribution system operator


Solution For electrical grid operators, telecom operators, infrastructure developers, installers and distributors, managing the cable supply chain from factory to worksite is a big headache.
Nexans ULTRACKER™️ is designed to improve supply chain efficiency. Its power is in managing the entire supply chain from end-to-end in real time.
It provides live information about what cable types and quantities available. Once ordered, clients can track the cables and their location. Nexans ULTRACKER™️ helps our clients reduce working capital requirement for supply chain management by up to 50%.
Nexans Giovani

Nexans’ advanced cable solutions, accessories and services provide our customers with transparent and smooth cable installation. Not only does this help put customers’ minds at ease, it’s also another example of our cutting-edge technology and ongoing commitment to R&D.

Giovanni Fenoglio

CEO & Sales Director, Nexans Italia

Anticipating risk

Thanks to the digital and smart tools implemented by Nexans, operators can anticipate risks and monitor the state of networks from anywhere. This avoids blackouts and other major failures, particularly for cities, stations and ports.
To create the best possible offers and solutions for its customers, Nexans’ very own Digital Factory has collaborated with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, including Orange Business Services, Shippeo, Sigfox and the LoRa Alliance. And we have tapped into technologies like artificial intelligence, edge computing and the Internet of Things to build powerful new functionalities and to create the optimum customer experience.